An industry leader for over 30 years, The Lovett Group provides comprehensive property management services for residential real estate in New York City — currently managing more than 85 buildings and 13,000 apartments.

We employ an accomplished, experienced team of account executives, property managers, compliance staff, administrative staff, realtors, transfer agents, accountants, bookkeepers and payroll managers — led by a director of operations, a director of management, controller and the firm’s co-founder and president, Ken Lovett.

Our specialty is overseeing the operations of co-ops and condos, with attention to every detail for the benefit of residents. We collaborate closely with each building’s board of directors to address all aspects of property care with an emphasis on maximizing operating efficiencies, conserving resources and, ultimately, increasing the value of the properties we manage.

Choosing Lovett for your property management needs is a smart choice which will empower your Board to make more informed and better decisions — here’s how:



“We use a flexible approach to take care of all the details.”

The primary focus of The Lovett Group’s operations and maintenance management is to advance the goals and priorities of the board of each building. This often requires a customized approach to meet the specific needs of a property. Our unsurpassed, flexible service capabilities cover, in part:

  • Hiring and supervising staff authorized by the board for property maintenance
  • Designing inspection logs and reports unique to each building to flag issues that need attention
  • Overseeing repairs as authorized in budget or approved by the board
  • Managing the purchase of all materials for building operations, leveraging Lovett’s bulk purchasing power for economies of scale
  • Ensuring that building permits, inspections and service contracts are executed on time, according to regulations
  • Providing technical assistance and advisement on mechanical installations, physical structures and landscaping (excluding engineering)
  • Establishing and enforcing procedures to ensure that prospective new residents meet the board’s minimum criteria, and that the building will be adequately protected against liability


“Our expertise and proven procedures pay off for you.”

The Lovett Group generates a comprehensive Monthly Financial Report Package for each property we manage. Our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry, making it easy for a board to analyze transactions, ensure accurate billing, and identify areas where cost savings can be realized. Unlike some management companies, we also link payables and receivables to the general ledger for superior financial control.

We encourage boards to verify the quality of our financial reporting package by asking the building’s public accounting firm to review it. The Lovett Group also manages the Budget Process to create a clear vision for a building’s future goals and determine how best to allocate funds to achieve those goals. We take pride in our system and are confident it is the best in the business.

We prepare both operating and capital Improvement budgets which involves close consultation and collaboration with the professionals associated with the building. This meticulous process enables the board and our building management team to project the financial health of the property for the coming year and address any potential problems before they arise.


“We believe a well-informed board is an effective board.”

The Lovett Group invests significant time and energy to ensure property managers are abreast of current industry developments holding regular internal meetings to review current industry trends and developments, inviting experts to present in-depth information on areas of concern or changes in the industry.

With our transparent management style, we are prompt and reliable in advising board members, building residents and other stakeholders about developments concerning their property. We enable board members to focus on critical policy decisions instead of day-to-day operations and maintenance.


“Our team of professionals is one of your most valuable resources”

The Lovett Group’s management team consists of seasoned professionals with an average of ten years of experience in the field.

We are exceedingly competent individuals, well-versed in all aspects of property management with duties that include but are not limited to:

  • Interacting with a property’s accountant and attorney
  • Interacting with and overseeing the work of contractors, engineers and architects
  • Ensuring preventive maintenance is undertaken to avoid violations and minimize costs
  • Handling all emergencies quickly as they arise
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