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Refi Bonanza at Park Plaza Co-op

Ines Guerra doesn’t believe in luck, dumb or otherwise. She believes in being alert, being informed, and being ready to jump on an opportunity when one appears. Read the Article (PDF)

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When Leonard Barish became the managing agent at 865 UN Plaza in 2016, he spotted trouble right away. The red-brick facade of the 16-story prewar luxury condominium in the Turtle Bay neighborhood was in need of serious repair.

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Habitat Weekly-Ellen Kornfeld

The Trade Show Planner Who Became a Property Manager

Ellen Kornfeld says property management comes down to one thing: people. “… in this job you’ve got to deal with every level of economic strata – shareholders, boards, contractors, supers, porters. You have to understand that each person is important.”

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Mitch Unger, Controller

Property Tax Abatement

Please be advised that the New York City Department of Finance has mailed a notice to all NYC residents stating that they are in jeopardy of losing their tax abatement if their managing agent did not file the property abatement renewal and change forms. We wish to assure all residents that The Lovett Group did, …

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Lovett Group Receives Award of Excellence

Lovett Group Receives
Award of Excellence

The Lovett Group, one of New York City’s premier property management firms, has received the 2017 “Award of Excellence” at the Three Hands Ball organized by: the Manhattan Resident Managers Club, the Scandinavian American Building Manager’s Guild, and the Metropolitan Building Managers of New York.

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Get Access by Granting Access

When you plan for construction work on your property, be a good neighbor. Lovett’s own Ellen Kornfeld shares key insights with Habitat Magazine.

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Selling Your Unit Just Got Easier: Lovett Adds Brokers

Lovett Realty, our sales and brokerage division, has added two new Associate Brokers with deep knowledge of the NYC real estate market and extensive experience helping condo and coop owners through the sales process.

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A New Dawn at Turner Towers

Replacing the plumbing is a major task.
So is finding the money to do it.

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Five Ways a Co-op Board Protected Its Building from a Shady Managing Agent

It’s wise for boards to have “trust but verify” policies when it comes to building management, including: preventing the commingling of funds, maintaining control over the reserve fund, reconciling accounts every month, and more.

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Queens Co-op Capitalizes on Freak Storm to Make Fixes

It looked bad when it hit, but this storm had a big silver lining: between insurance coverage for a new roof and avoidance of a new assessment, the co-op saved $2.5 million!

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